The growing international demand for specialised advisory, Training and logistic solutions in complex and high risk environments encouraged sinior veteran officers of the South African Special Forces to found DSI. They invested their combined embedded military, more specifically special operations, experience and skills to develop DSI as a global, competitive advisory, training and logistics solutions service provider.


Through dynamic building of DSI’s capability and capacity we evolved over a short period as a one stop specialised service provider of excellence for the Defense and Security, Intelligence, Corporate Security, Environment Protection and Infrastructure Development sectors.


Our carefully selected personnel are seasoned veterans and bring a dynamic combination of leadership, management and specialist expertise to execute each task with precision.  Individual development programs ensure that personnel are internationally qulified, certified and accredited and therefore comply with the highest International norms and standards.


DSI is committed to delivering long term cost effective tailored solutions to meet our customer’s needs.



Integrity Disclosure

DSI provides advisory and training solutions in accordance with world class standards and industry best practise.  We acknowledge the fact that the best program delivery requires the best quality advisors and instructors that adhere to all required professional, specialisation and practitioner standards and requirements. Our Code of Conduct regulates the general and generic behaviour of our personnel to ensure overall professional appearance and conduct.  This is particularly valid for environments where culture and environmental sensitivities are present.


Responsibility to our client takes the highest priority and whilst there is an unequivocal undertaking to maintain standards and performance levels, our staff will always assist and help over and above client expectations in this regard.  We always treat all our peers fairly and with respect.

Changing the future

advisory and Mentorship


Our advisory service focuses on developing findings and recommendations that

are presented to government and corporate clients for consideration and decision making. Through mentorship programs we support our clients at all levels to execute decisions in the most effective manner.

Assisting with drafting and/or reviewing strategic master plans.


Creating a safe and stable environment in which the population and Government can function and develop.



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